Arts Prize

Batsford Arts Prize

Arts Prize

Collage & Web Design

Digital Art

The Brief
A competition project that I entered from an art book publisher, Batsford. I was simply given the brief of 'Past + Present' , which was then up to me how to interpret it.

The Solution
My series was called 'Past + Present: The Artists', which was a series of digital collages that centered around a pop culture theme. The collages mix past and present by using influential artwork from artists such as Botticelli and Monet.

Final Assets
Alongside the series of 3 collages, to elevate the project I also created a website design, to show how the collages could look on their website.

Jasmine_Website ages_2018_34-36
Jasmine_Website ages_2018_34-362
Jasmine_Website ages_2018_34-363

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