Dr. Hauschka

Event Design, 2016

The Brief Dr. Hauschka released a new product and to authentically tell the story, I was briefed to create event artwork to launch the product at the Skip Garden in London. The event aimed to demonstrate a true organic lifestyle and as the main designer I had to create a concept that reflected this. I was also briefed that the design concept should emphasise ingredients and drive social sharing.

The Solution To reflect the brands’ organic and natural properties I created impactful artwork; collage style roundels featuring the products key ingredients. This collage style artwork was the key concept for the event and featured throughout.

Final Assets Clipboard mounted press release, bespoke seed packets that were gifted to guests, dynamic GIF Save The Date and all event signage.

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Jasmine_Website ages_2018_21,32
Jasmine_Website ages_2018_22,232
Jasmine_Website ages_2018_29
Jasmine_Website ages_2018_22,233
Jasmine_Website ages_2018_21,322

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